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Classes and Workshops

I teach a variety of classes in the Department of Earth Systems Sciences, some of which are cross-listed in Human Biology. I have collected here course descriptions as they appear in the Stanford Bulletin, some other contextual material where appropriate, syllabi, and some other assorted hand-outs.

In addition to my Stanford teaching, I co-organize a summer workshop on formal demography that draws mostly Ph.D. students from NICHD-supported population centers throughout the country. A selection of my lecture notes are posted here and I have collected other materials in the Demography Workshop section of my lab website.

For classes where students are expected to write term papers, I have assembled a style guide, which may be of interest. Also, based on my experience with the NSF Cultural Anthropology Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Panel, I have written up some notes on writing an NSF proposal. These notes are primarily stylistic. Some day, I will write some more substantive notes based on the advice I give my students. I also have opinions about the kinds of courses that students should take.