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Labo, Philip

Philip Labo
Student Title: 

Philip Labo studied both biology and computer science as an undergraduate at Penn. He received his B.A., in biology, in 2004. During that time he also worked as a programmer/analyst for the Plasmodium falciparum genome database ( Philip left Penn for Stanford in Fall 2005 to pursue a doctorate in statistics. His doctoral research focused on the modeling of adaptive evolution in certain populations of baker’s yeast. He also studied the modeling of adaptive evolution in general. During the Spring of 2011 he started working with Jamie Jones, of the Stanford Anthropology Department, on the analysis of evolutionary pressures on life history patterns in the Utah Population Database. Philip now works as a post-doctoral scholar with the Prematurity Research Center in the Stanford School of Medicine lending his statistical expertise to the study of preterm birth in United States. Jamie Jones and Paul Wise oversee his work.