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Data Analysis in the Anthropological Sciences

I co-teach this class with my archaeologist colleague Ian Robertson. Our course web page will remain active for a while and includes lots of (hopefully useful) notes. Ian and I, with the help of Claudia Engel, are setting up a space where we will post a variety of notes on matters statistical, demographic, and spatial on the Spatial Anthropology website

We may be morphing this class into a more advanced course aimed primarily at graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

Course Description: 

In this course, we will develop a statistical toolkit appropriate for anthropologists. The emphasis will be on practical data analysis and the development of a problem-solving approach to inference. Students taking the course will gain skills that significantly improve their ability to: (1) read quantitative arguments in an informed, critical way, (2) use computers to analyze anthropological data, (3) convey quantitative arguments in scholarly publications, (4) design research projects to generate data that can be analyzed quantitatively. No extensive prior knowledge of statistics or computers is assumed, but a reasonable background in anthropology and/or archaeology is. The course will require a substantial commitment of time, including extensive use of computers for analysis and presentation of work.